Data Analytics

Smart business decisions are informed ones – use Lucy Technologies for your big data solutions to make your data work for you.

Our big data solutions can help you understand your data to make actionable changes to improve your business. We provide end-to-end services to store, organize, and analyze data.

Our big data experts will help you create and operate an efficient program across multiple domains to increase revenue and operational efficiency.

Technology we use:

  • Statistics
  • SPSS
  • Database analysis
  • NoSQL Databases
  • Big Data (Hadoop, Spark, & Hive)
  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

Data visualization

Data has more impact when it’s visualized. We believe that visualization is an integral part of any data analytics, as it allows users to immediately spot trends, track goal achievement, easily identify outliers and compare the performance of different categories, products, brands, etc.

We tailor data visualization solutions so that they answer your business questions. We also provide support and maintenance services that cover performance optimization, further development of the existing system, as well as migration from one analytical system to another.

Business Analytics

You have business problems. We find solutions. We work to understand your business objectives and aspirations, audience behaviors and needs, and then translate them into actions.

The latest research shows that the business community is no longer satisfied with software that addresses just their current needs. Successful organizations need to be flexible to adapt quickly to new business challenges. This requires a comprehensive understanding of a business itself and analysis of all essential factors which characterize it.

Our team’s analytics expertise, combined with our strong problem solving abilities, leads to consistently strong ROI for our clients. We carefully determine metrics that will best help track efficiency of campaigns for online advertising, ecommerce promotions, email marketing, and more.

At Lucy Technologies, we adhere to the idea that a proper, thorough analysis is the key to any successful project. Taking into consideration a growing demand for intelligent approaches as well as the need to take a fresh look at the majority of software projects,we offers a wide range of business analysis & consulting services:

  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Data Driven business solutions
  • ERP solutions
  • Sales automation
  • E-Commerce solution

Lucy’s business analysts form a team of highly educated professionals with strong skills and expertise in cutting-edge business analysis techniques.

You can order our software architecture consulting services, or you can send us a request for consulting services as part of a bespoke software development project.

Market Analysis

As part of product development we are eager to offer our customers a thorough analysis of the market they operate in. We identify competitors in the destination market, analyze potential threats, determine the target market in order to help our clients build an appealing, and most importantly, a unique software product.

Our analysts will create a compelling USP (Unique selling proposition) for your business, whether it’s small or medium-sized.

We commit ourselves to making your product or service stand out, attracting new and pleasing repeat customers. We also know that ordering an engineering of software products as a full cycle service from us saves your time and money compared to the strategy of working with different vendors at each stage. We would like to offer effective and competitive solutions saving your significant time.

Our analytics team can work with you on individual projects, or as part of more comprehensive company initiatives. Once End Point has created the framework for support and analysis, our team will provide ongoing assistance to track changes and provide recommendations as necessary. Our team will regularly relay the most important information and takeaways that can help your organization grow. We look forward to connecting with you and discussing your company needs!

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