Do you need to master different technologies and frameworks? Do you want to get your skills up to date with web development, mobile development, data analytics and more? Start learning with us today and you’ll become a software engineer.

Lucy Technologies offers IT-training services in addition to software development. Web applications, mobile application development and Data Analytics are the core of our expertise in training.

With easy faec-to-face or in group training, delivered by professionals with years of experience in teaaching and using real world case studies, we ensure that the skills you learn can be implemented in the workplace straight away. Our training is 100% Practical.

We provide training in the following Programming Languages/tools:

  • Web development: HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, Java, AngularJs, React, WordPress
  • Mobile Development: Java, C#
  • Data Analytics: Python, SPSS

Do you need help with your Employee Training or Testing software project? Contact us for a free consultation.

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